Can I request a change of counsellor?

If you are unsatisfied or feel a lack of connection with your current counsellor, please contact our intake department at intake@thecounsellinggroup.com. Our dedicated staff will ensure you are matched with a new counsellor who better suits your needs and

Is your counselling service exclusively for Jewish clients?

The Counselling Group warmly welcomes individuals from all backgrounds. Our counselling services are available to everyone, irrespective of their religious affiliation, race, ethnic background, gender identity and/or sexual orientation. You do not need to be Jewish to access our services.

How are clients assigned to counsellors?

Upon completing a brief phone intake assessment with our intake worker, your information will be reviewed by a clinical manager. They will carefully consider your preferences and specific needs to assign you to the most suitable counsellor. If you have a specific counsellor in mind, please inform us, and we will make every effort to
accommodate your request, subject to their availability.

My child is receiving counselling. Can I be involved in their therapy process?

At The Counselling Group we believe that parents are an important part of their children’s wellbeing. For children under the age of 12, active parental involvement is expected and encouraged in the therapeutic process. The counsellor will reach out to involve and engage caregivers as necessary to support the child’s progress. If your child is 13 years or older, they have the more autonomy to decide whether they would like parental involvement in their counselling sessions.

How is my personal health information protected?

At The Counselling Group, we prioritize privacy and confidentiality. We strictly adhere to the guidelines set by relevant Canadian and provincial authorities, as well as the professional regulatory bodies overseeing mental health clinicians. We only collect relevant personal information required for your treatment, and it is securely stored in our electronic database. Access to this information is restricted to authorized individuals responsible for your care.

In what languages are your services offered?

We provide counselling services in multiple languages, to name a few: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Hebrew, Polish, Creole, Cantonese and Somali.

How long does it take to be assigned to a counsellor?

The waitlist for our programs may vary. Generally, we strive to assign clients to counsellors within 1-2 weeks after their intake assessment. If you have specific requirements this may take a bit longer.

What distinguishes an RP, SW, and psychologist?

While all three professionals often provide similar treatment approaches in counselling, their specific designations reflect their regulatory bodies and educational training. Registered Psychotherapists (RPs) possess a graduate degree focused on psychotherapy. Registered Social Workers (RSWs) have a graduate degree in social work, supplemented with comprehensive training in psychotherapeutic practices. Psychologists hold a doctoral degree and are uniquely qualified to administer psychological tests for assessment and diagnosis.

Will couples be seen together or separately during couples counselling?

The decision to see couples together or separately depends on the counsellor’s discretion, based on the information provided during the intake process. Some couples may begin with joint sessions, while others may start with individual sessions. We encourage you to share any thoughts or preferences you may have with the intake worker.

I cannot find a convenient time for my intake. What can I do?

Not a problem. Please email us at intake@thecounsellinggroup.com, providing specific details about your scheduling needs (preferred time, language, and the type of service you are seeking). We will respond promptly with alternative options.

Can I receive services if I live outside of Ontario?

Our virtual practice opens our services to all. Unfortunately, our virtual services are limited to people residing within the province of Ontario due to the regulations set by the regulatory bodies overseeing Registered Psychotherapists, Registered Social Workers, and Psychologists. However, if you live in Quebec, we will be happy to offer you in- person services at our offices, located at 2255 Carling Ave., Ottawa.

I have insurance coverage for counselling, but I don’t understand it. How can I proceed with counselling?

We encourage you to contact your insurance provider prior to your appointment to clarify which mental health professionals are covered by your plan and the amount of your annual coverage. During your intake appointment, we will also assist you in understanding how your coverage applies to your counselling sessions. Coming with this information to your intake consultation will allow us to service you faster.

Do you offer crisis counselling? Can I be seen right away?

We do not provide crisis counselling services. If you require immediate support, please contact Suicide Prevention Ottawa at (613) 729-0577 or the Crisis Line at (613) 722- 6914. Alternatively, you may visit The Walk-In Counselling Clinic, which offers single- session, immediate, and no-cost counselling. For more information about The Walk-In Counselling Clinic, please visit https://walkincounselling.com/. You can find details of locations, timings, and contact information on their website. You can also reach them at (613) 755-2277.

What are your fees?

Currently, our fees for individual sessions are $150 per hour for Registered Social Workers and Registered Psychotherapists, and $220 per hour for Registered Psychologists. However, fees may vary depending on the specific service required. To ensure our services are accessible to all, we offer subsidies through a sliding scale option.

Are your services covered under my insurance plan?

Our services are covered under most workplace insurance plans that include psychological services. It is important to confirm which mental health professionals you are covered for and your level of coverage before starting the intake process, as we do not offer direct billing. We will provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

The ongoing therapy rate is not affordable for me. Is there a sliding scale option?

If you require a lower fee, we might be able to offer a sliding fee scale option. However, please note that clients eligible for the sliding fee scale may experience a longer wait time as the number of subsidies is limited. Alternatively, if you are open to seeing one of our counselling interns, the wait time may be shorter (within a couple of months).

I am looking for short-term, immediate, free counselling. What are my options?

Jewish Family Services is a member of The Walk-In Counselling Clinic. The clinic is available on Wednesdays from 12pm to 8pm (last appointment at 6:30pm) and on Sundays from 12pm to 5pm (last appointment at 3:30pm). You can receive a single- session at no-cost. To learn more about The Walk-In Counselling Clinic and find contact information for all locations, please visit https://walkincounselling.com/. You can also call (613) 755-2277 for further assistance.

I am looking for ongoing therapy. How can I access this service?

For ongoing counselling, we will conduct a brief intake over the phone and match you with a counsellor who is a great fit for your unique needs. To book an intake, please visit our booking portal.

What are the wait times for ongoing therapy?

Unless you are waiting for subsidized counselling, we do not have a waitlist. We aim to connect you with a counsellor within 1-2 weeks of your intake completion.

Are the services offered in-person or virtually?

We currently offer video, over-the-phone, and in-person counselling services.

I am a newcomer to Canada or I require services in another language. What are my options?

If you are a newcomer to Canada (refugee or immigrant) within the last 10 years or require services in different languages, please book an intake through our booking portal. You can also call our intake line if language is a barrier at (613) 755-2299. If you are comfortable, during your intake, please indicate that you are a refugee/immigrant and the intake worker will provide you with further information.

How long is the waitlist for the Refugee and Newcomer Program (RVN)?

The waitlist for the RVN program is approximately 4-8 weeks.

In what languages does the Refugees and Vulnerable Newcomers (RVN) program offers service?

We offer therapy in the following languages: English, French, Arabic, Farsi, Dari, Spanish, Creole, Somali, Cantonese, Polish and Hebrew.

Who funds your work?

The Counselling Group operates as part of a non-profit organization called Jewish Family Services of Ottawa. Our services are primarily funded by individuals within the community who utilize our services. We reinvest the revenue generated from our work to provide subsidies for community members who may not have the means to afford these services otherwise. Additionally, we are grateful to receive some funding from various sources, including the City of Ottawa, Ontario Health, Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), United Way Eastern Ontario, and Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). These funding sources contribute to our ability to provide accessible mental health support to the community.

How can I support The Counselling Group’s cause?

We appreciate your willingness to support our work! There are several ways you can contribute to The Counselling Group:

  • Spread the word: Help us raise awareness about our services by sharing information about The Counselling Group with your friends, family, and colleagues. You can recommend our clinic to those who may benefit from our counselling services.
  • Volunteer: If you have the time and expertise, consider volunteering with us. We sometimes have opportunities for volunteers to support our programs and initiatives. Reach out to our clinic to inquire about current volunteer opportunities.
  • Donate: Your financial support can make a significant difference in helping us continue to provide affordable and accessible mental health services. Donations help us sustain our programs, offer subsidies to those in need, and expand our reach. You can visit our website or contact us directly to learn more about how to make a donation.
  • Collaborate: If you or your organization align with our mission and have ideas for collaboration or partnership, we are open to exploring opportunities to work together to enhance mental health services in our community. Please reach out to discuss potential collaborations.
  • Provide Feedback: Your feedback is valuable to us as it helps us improve our services and better meet the needs of our clients. Share your thoughts, suggestions, and experiences with us. We welcome feedback to ensure we continuously enhance our programs.

By supporting us, you contribute to promoting mental health and well-being in our community, making a positive impact on the lives of individuals seeking counselling services. Thank you for considering ways to support The Counselling Group!

Can you tell me more about your psychometry services?

The Counselling Group offers comprehensive psychological assessments that include an initial session to clarify the purpose and process, as well as a feedback session to review the results and recommendations. Our psycho-educational assessments are conducted by experienced psychometrists under the supervision of a registered psychologist.


How long is the process of psychoeducational testing?

Usually, the process can take up to one to two months. The person taking the tests will be required to meet the psychometrist one or two times. After the appointments are over, the report could take up to three weeks to be finalized.

Can I undergo a psychoeducational evaluation if I am above 18 years of age?

Yes, in most cases testing can be done for up to 90 years of age; however, during the initial intake phone call, the psychometrist will be able to decide if an  assessment can be done in specific cases through asking several questions.

Is the initial intake consultation for a psychoeducational report face-to-face or over the phone?

The initial intake consultation will be over the phone. It should last around 15 minutes. The psychometrist usually asks a few questions in order to determine what kinds of tests should be used, if there’s a need for a psychoeducational assessment, and to answer questions that the caller might have.

Do I need a referral to undergo a psychoeducational assessment?

There is no need for a referral from a medical doctor or a mental health professional to undergo a psychoeducational assessment.


Currently, assessments are available in English and Arabic only, catering to ages 6-90, with a focus on cognitive abilities. To schedule an initial no-cost consultation, please use our booking portal.