Spring Thaw

I am always reminded of the interdependence between our physical and emotional states, our environment, and changing seasons, at this time of year. Even in our urban, high tech world we are influenced by nature in ways we little understand. During the short, dark and cold days of January we slow down and have less energy; we joke about hibernation, but this is in many ways what we are experiencing. As we move towards the spring, with more sunlight and longer days, we become more alert, lively and hopeful.

Late January and early February are busy times for Therapists; past clients reconnect for support and new clients come to us often describing frightening feelings of anxiety and despair. The ongoing stresses of life seem overwhelming and we struggle to find the strengths and energy to carry on. When we are feeling overwhelmed and desperate it is difficult to believe that things ever were or ever may become, better. We need the extra support a Therapist can provide. However as days lengthen in the spring sunshine, seemingly overwhelming problems evaporate like the snow, solutions begin to emerge, hope for the future grows once again, and we move on with our lives.

Sometimes, however, anxieties and problems continue even beyond our inner “spring thaw”. Persistent rumination about long standing worries saps our energy and diminishes our ability to move forward with confidence. Meeting with a professional Therapist can help us to work through and resolve many nagging problems and allow us to find new strength, enhanced self esteem and joy in daily life.

Lynn Sherwood, MSW, RSW
Therapist, The Counselling Group