Our Mental Health Professionals

Counselling Open to all Ottawa Residents

Rebecca Fromowitz, Director of The Counselling Group Director spoke with Rabbi Bulka on his weekly Ottawa podcast Sunday Night – with Rabbi Bulka about the services offered by The Counselling Group.

“Our program offers a range of counselling and mental health supports to Ottawa residents of all ages. Children, youth, adults, seniors, and families.” says Fromowitz, pointing out that “The Counselling Group is here for all residents of Ottawa” and that their range extends far beyond the Jewish Community.

“We branded as The Counselling Group a number of years back because we want to make sure we communicate to the community that we’re here for all Ottawa residents. We work with everyone.”

Funded by The United Way, The Counselling Group has further benefited from The United Way’s extensive public awareness campaigns that enable people from the broader community to find our services when they’re ready to reach out.

“The United Way is there to support the most vulnerable and marginalized as a result of social, economic, cultural inequalities, and those very people need access to these services. They are important. They are not [just] important – they are necessary services to have a healthy and vibrant community”.

Listen to the full interview with Rabbi Bulka, host of Sunday Night with Rabbi Bulka Podcast and Rebecca Fromowitz, Director, The Counselling Group here:

For more information, or to request counselling services, contact The Counselling Group today. 613-722-2225 x352