Three reasons your child may benefit from a psychoeducational assessment

The decision to book a psychoeducational assessment requires careful consideration. Seeking advice from a family member, friend, coach, or even Google can sometimes leave you with more questions than answers. While all parents can self-refer their children for psychoeducational testing, a professional opinion from your child’s pediatrician, teacher, or therapist may aid you in making an informed decision. For those who are still unsure, here are three reasons why a psychoeducational assessment may be beneficial for you and your family:

It helps children gain access to additional supports and services.

While a parent can independently advocate for their child’s needs, it is often helpful to have a comprehensive written report that addresses concerns about a child’s thinking, learning, memory, focus, impulsivity, aggression, mood, worry, social skills, speech, and communication. A psychoeducational assessment typically uses clinical measures to explain your child’s learning profile in relation to their same-aged peers. This can help identify significant strengths and weaknesses, which can clearly demonstrate the need for accommodations and interventions.

It helps parents understand impacts to their child’s daily functioning.

Students are often expected to make academic progress, think critically, pay attention, adapt well to changes in routine, make friends easily, control impulses, and self-regulate emotions. While many children occasionally struggle in these areas, some students experience one or more of these difficulties on a daily basis. A psychoeducational assessment can help parents figure out why their child is facing barriers at home, at school, and in the community.



It helps schools take a multidisciplinary approach to your child’s education.

A psychoeducational assessment will often integrate cognitive and academic testing results with information from multiple sources by reviewing previous assessment reports, administering behavioural questionnaires, and conducting clinical interviews. By consulting parents, teachers, doctors, and/or therapists, this allows for a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s areas of strengths and needs, which is essential when developing or revising your child’s individualized education plan.


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