Conflict Reduction Counselling Program for Separated Parents

Conflict Reduction Counselling is an approach for separated or divorced parents aimed at reducing conflict in a new co-parenting situation. We recognize that it can be very difficult to parent after separation and divorce while also managing conflictual feelings and experiences with your child or children’s other parent. Our services are designed to assist you in this challenge – The Counselling Group believes that a child’s adjustment to separation and divorce is linked to maintaining healthy relationships with both parents and being protected from the conflictual issues between parents. This program offers:

  • assistance for reducing conflict
  • tools for improved communication
  • referrals to other appropriate community resources
  • strategies for moving forward and adapting to the changes in family life

As a parent, you will work with your own mental health professional on an individual basis for approximately 6-8 sessions. The therapist will support you in keeping focused on the needs of your children. They will also assist you in reducing the conflict between yourself and the other parent.

Book an intake session by phone (613-755-2299) or use our online booking system:

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