Video and Phone Counselling is now available with The Counselling Group!

Teletherapy is a way of providing and receiving mental health counselling outside of the counselling office. At The Counselling Group we use a secure and confidential platform to connect with you and provide therapy remotely. Our clients choose teletherapy over in-office counselling for many reasons, such as busy schedules, trips, or illness. You could access your mental health mental health professional from the privacy of your own home or from wherever you are.

Our experienced team of registered mental health professional consists of Social Workers, Psychotherapists and Psychologists. Our mental health professionals have the experience and capacity to work together with their clients to provide high quality mental health services. Our staff work with their clients to meet individual needs while building meaningful working therapeutic relationships using Teletherapy. They will work together with you to develop goals and supports that suit your needs.

Teletherapy is covered by most insurance plans and we offer services based on a sliding scale.

How do you book a teletherapy session?

It’s very simple! Contact our intake department by e-mail (click on the button below) or call (613) 755-2299.

  1. A worker will conduct a phone assessment with you, exploring your needs from counselling and preferences forms of therapy. This will allow us to match you with the right professional out of our team of 40 registered mental health professionals.
  2. Your mental health professional will contact you to schedule your first session. They will send you additional documentation prior to the first session which will inform you better of the therapeutic process. We use a platform called Zoom which allows us to conduct secure and confidential counselling sessions. Your professional will send you a link through which you will be joining the session.
  3. On the agreed upon date and time, find a private and comfortable room, click on the link provided by your mental health professional (or call in) and your session will begin.