Prenatal & Post-Partum Issues

Popular opinion tells us that pregnancy is a happy time for women; however, the reality is that it is also a time full of changes, questions, and challenges. A large percentage of women experience the so-called “baby blues” during or after pregnancy. Prenatal depression is difficult to diagnose due to the similarity of its symptoms with general symptoms of pregnancy: low energy, changes in sleep and eating patterns, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, etc. Early detection and treatment of prenatal depression is critical to a woman and her baby’s health, and ensures the best beginning for both of them. It also helps prevent or decrease postpartum depression.

For many women childbirth can be a traumatic and overwhelming experience, with blame belonging to hormonal changes. Following childbirth, most women experience hormonal changes and may feel weepy, moody, and exhausted. If these symptoms do not decrease on their own, this can be an indicator of postpartum depression. Postpartum depression is often experienced as profound sadness, feelings of failure and confusion, crying spells, agitation, rapid mood swings, suicidal thoughts, and/or the desire to hurt the baby.

The Counselling Group offers individual or couples counselling sessions for those struggling with prenatal or postpartum issues. Our specially trained counsellors provide a safe environment to discuss issues and develop coping skills to deal with the changes of parenthood.