Special Needs

Our counsellors have experience working with clients who are coping with many lifelong challenges.

Individuals with developmental disabilities find themselves facing many unique challenges. For some clients, moving from their family home into independent and/or permanent group home settings which lack the privacy and intimacy to which they were accustomed, can be a very difficult transition. Additionally they may be facing the loss of ageing parents, and experience sense of isolation and a lack of family support as their siblings move away or move on with their own lives. Our staff can provide supportive individual counselling for these clients, as well as meeting with them and their new staff members to discuss ways in which they can be assisted to make adjustments and live rich and fulfilling lives in their new circumstances.

Individuals who have issues such as developmental delay, impaired vision, brain injury, disabling migraines, seizure disorders, etc. may find that navigating their world becomes increasingly overwhelming and difficult. Life stresses, in addition to these chronic issues may seem to be overwhelming at times. When these additional life stresses seem overwhelming, we can help.