OCD Skills Training

A ten-week therapy group focused on learning skills and strategies to manage OCD

Learn cognitive behavioural treatment (CBT) strategies and tools for coping with OCD, discuss OCD-related topics, establish weekly personal recovery goals, opportunity to practice exposure response prevention, connect with others who understand what it’s like to live with OCD in a supportive and non-judgemental space.

Full workshop outline available HERE.


Week 1:Introduction-review elements of CBT, understanding OCD and goal setting

Week 2: Relaxation training and developing a coping bank

Week 3: Identify obsessions and thinking errors

Week 4: Challenging obsessions and build realistic thinking

Week 5: Mindfulness and grounding exercises

Week 6: Strategies to overcome perfectionism

Week 7: Exposure response prevention-developing your fear ladder

Week 8: Facing your fears and moving up the fear ladder

Week 9: Moving up the fear ladder and troubleshooting

Week 10: Strategies to stay motivated and develop a relapse management plan


To participate we request that you:

  1. Attend a phone screening interview to determine if this group is right for you. (Cost: $40.00)
  2. Have computer literacy and reliable internet required.

This group is intended for ages 18-65.