Our Programs

The Children, Youth, and Families is a program of The Counselling Group with skilled and experienced therapists who provide individual and family counselling services to children, youth, and families.  This may include psychotherapeutic, behavioural, and cognitive-behavioural interventions to assist clients in dealing with issues such as grief and loss, separation, divorce, custody and access, child abuse, behavioural problems, attachment issues, anxiety, depression, and anger management.

The Centre for Couples and Relationships is a program of The Counselling Group. Emotionally fulfilling relationships are central to mental and physical health however, creating and maintaining a healthy relationship can be a challenge with all of today’s life stressors. A counsellor can help you address current and long-standing issues which may arise in your relationships. They can also help you understand how unhealthy communication patterns impact the quality of your relationships.

Offering single-session counselling services in English, French, Arabic, Somali, Cantonese and Mandarin at a variety of different locations, The Walk-In Counselling Clinic is open to Ontario residents within the greater Champlain region. You will be assisted without referral or appointment, on a first-come, first-serve basis during Walk-In Counselling Clinic hours. Visit us online at WalkInCounselling.com.


The Counselling Group’s Refugee and Vulnerable Newcomer program provides comprehensive services to address both the immediate and long-term mental health needs of immigrants and refugees.  The program collaborates with a number of agencies and professionals in the community to provide a holistic approach to supporting newcomers to Canada.