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We are proud to offer psychological services at The Counselling Group (TCG).  Our psychologists are highly trained licensed mental health professionals who offer general psychotherapy to adult

s and can also provide you with a clinical diagnosis, if you require it. Every intervention begins with a thorough assessment so we can understand what you are struggling with and what treatments will help you. Along with assessments we are able to diagnose mental health disorders using the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) or the ICD (International Classification of Diseases).

In addition, at TCG, we can provide psychological assessment:

Psycho-educational and cognitive assessments:

A psycho-educational assessment is a one-on-one assessment that uses a variety of tools to develop a complete perspective of a person’s academic skills, cognitive abilities, and psychological health. Psycho-educational assessments are conducted by a psychometrist and are supervised by a registered psychologist. All of our compressive assessments are available in English only with a limited number available in Arabic. Assessments are offered for ages 6-90 years.

Psychological assessment and evaluation in conjunction with other services and agencies:  These include, for example, The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Community Mental Health Program and referrals from Community Legal Services of Ottawa (CLSO) for individuals appealing an ODSP decision and requiring an updated psychological evaluation.  The WSIB related evaluation precedes and informs therapy that also can be completed at TCG.

All psychological testing is completed by licensed providers and supervised by Clinical Psychologists.  The psychological assessments always include an initial session to clarify purpose and process of the psychological assessment, and a feedback session to review results and recommendations.

As a not-for-profit organization, we believe that psychological services should be accessible to all and we are honoured to offer, in some situations, a significant subsidy that can amount up to 50% of the going rates in our community.

We invite you to book an intake session using our online booking system:

If you require further support on how to book an intake assessment through our portal click HERE.