Children, Youth and Families

At our Centre for Children, Youth and Families, you’ll find a dedicated team of experienced mental health professionals specializing in individual and family counseling services for children and teenagers aged 6 to 18. We’re here to help young clients navigate a range of challenges, offering psychotherapeutic, behavioral, and cognitive-behavioral interventions tailored to their unique needs. Our services encompass various issues, including but not limited to grief and loss, separation, divorce, custody and access, child abuse, behavioral concerns, attachment issues, anxiety, depression, and anger management.


Collaboration for Comprehensive Support

In close partnership with other community services such as CAS, CHEO, schools, and mental health resources, we have created a comprehensive support network for children. This collaborative approach ensures that children receive the holistic care they deserve.


Family Support Matters

We understand that families may face challenging issues that require assistance. Our professionals are not only equipped to provide individual support to children and adolescents but are also trained to offer family counseling when needed. Our preferred approach is often a family focused approach which involves the parents/caregivers in the therapeutic process and promotes faster and more impactful results.


Schedule an Intake Session

Getting started is easy. You can book an intake session with us either by phone at (613-755-2299) or conveniently through our online booking system. We are here to support your child’s and family’s mental health journey.


If you require further support on how to book an intake assessment through our portal click HERE.