This skills-based anger management program will help you learn how to appropriately and effectively express anger, so that all relationships (with yourself, intimate partners and others) are improved.

You’ll learn skills to help you understand anger with the context of our emotional repertoire, to understand ourselves better and to communicate better.

Transformations is a 10-week program. Each session is approx. 2 ½ hours in length.

Starting: Wednesday October 6 to Wednesday, December 8 via secure Zoom.

The program will provide you with the tools and techniques to deal with anger in a positive and effective way:

  • Learn direct, firm, respectful communication
  • Become more assertive
  • Turn “volume” down on thoughts of anger

Cost is $400  +  $40 Screening Fee

Please note that most extended health insurance plans will likely cover this group.

REGISTRATION IS ESSENTIAL – There is a pre-screening interview.

Please contact Geoff at 722-2225 ext 305 or by email at

Registration is limited.



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The Counselling Group is highly committed to the education and training of counselling professionals. Interns are offered an opportunity to develop professional skills within a supportive environment. TCG may be able to opportunities to gain experience in a broad spectrum of counselling situations including intake assessment, individual, child and family, couple and group counselling.

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