This skills-based anger management program will help you learn how to appropriately and effectively express anger, so that all relationships (with yourself, intimate partners and others) are improved.

You’ll learn skills to help you understand anger with the context of our emotional repertoire, to understand ourselves better and to communicate better.

Transformations is a 10-week program. Each session is approx. 2 hours in length.

The program will provide you with the tools and techniques to deal with anger in a positive and effective way:


Week 1: Anger vs Aggression and developing habits

Week 2: The interaction of thoughts, feelings, and actions on anger

Week 3: Listening, communication and relaxation

Week 4: Personal rules and self- coaching

Week 5: Engaging effectively with anger

Week 6: Self-esteem and assertiveness

Week 7: Relationships and direct and respectful communication

Week 8: Making effective requests and refusals

Week 9: Confronting, criticizing, and responding to anger

Week 10: Problem solving and review


Cost is $400  +  $40 Screening Fee

Please note that most extended health insurance plans will likely cover this group.

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Stephanie at 613-722-2225 ext 485 or by email at


Registration is limited.